About Our Industrial Oil Supplier

Simmons Synthetics is located in sunny Southern, California. Since our inception in 2004 the company has developed a vast experience within the synthetic oil manufacturing. Simmons Synthetics has a comprehensive understanding of the industry, including the best in services and industrial oil products. This allows us to be able to provide excellent service with the highest quality synthetic compressor oil and Metalworking coolants also Industrial oils. You will see that our success rate as an oil distributorship has come from excellent customer relations, a close eye for detail, and outstanding sales.

We will provide very ambitious pricing for the best gear oil that you can get from the large manufacturers. None of the large O.E.M. companies make their own oil, they get their oil from the same companies as we do (they repackage and put their name on it). We are an oil wholesale distributor. We can save you money by selling to you directly with no need for a retailer.

Through our oil distributorship we carry a variety of the best synthetic gear oils and fluids to meet all of your lubricant needs. 

One of our products is Varnish Cleaner - The use of petroleum based lubricants, mainly automatic transmission fluid (ATF), results in the development of varnish and carbon.  varnish remover has been tested to help resolve the problems caused by varnish and carbon. It is designed to be used as an additive in the lubricant. Using varnish remover can eradicate the need for disassembling the compressor prior to cleaning. For ultimate benefit, use varnish remover prior to each lubricant change.

Making us your preferred oil wholesale distributor will be the best decision you could make!,
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