Proper Lubricant Storage


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Proper Lubricant Storage

Lubricant Storage

by Stephanie on 05/20/15

Did you know that metal drums breathe and when left outside rain and dirt settles on top of the drums and those elements will seep into the drums and shorten the oil life and or contaminate the lubricants.

Ideally Pails, Drums and Totes should be stored inside in a dry and clean environment within moderate temperatures. Drums are preferred to be stored in a horizontal position on a rack system and make sure bungs are tight and position the bungs at 3 and 9 o’clock, however if this is not possible and drums are to be stored upright make sure to keep top clean of dust and debris and contaminates.

If you have no choice but to store your lubricants outside, make sure to rotate your inventory quickly to minimize exposure to the elements. If you must store outside try to shelter from the rain, snow, dirt and any other elements that can cause contaminates. If a shelter is not available try using plastic drum or tote bags to cover your lubricants or tilting the drums on an angle to allow for moisture to drain off. Again laying drums on their sides on a storage rack are always the ideal way to store your lubricants to help reduce contaminates settling on the tops of the lubricants and seals drying out.

You should avoid storing water based products outside as extreme temperatures can do more damage if exposed to evaporation and or freezing.