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Simmons Synthetic and Synthetic blend Oven Conveyor Chain Oils are made from the highest quality base stocks and additives. Our Oven Conveyor Chain Oils are recommended for use in fiberglass ovens, rockwool ovens, gypsum ovens, tenter chain applications, chains, steel belts and heated press platens, drying operations, extrusion paint lines, can and fibre board lines, high temperature process ovens. The base stocks of our Oven Chain Oils include Ester, and Premium synthetic bases
Oven Conveyor Chain
The ALCO-95 
High Temperature Chain oils was developed specifically for the conveyor chains used in fiberglass, rockwool, and gypsum ovens. It is a proven quality high temperature roller chain oil.
chain oil is a unique blend of the highest quality petroleum oil available today and selected synthetic base stocks. This blend contains an additive system formulated to meet the demanding requirements for a tenter chain lubricant.
oven chain oil was specifically developed for high temperature roller chains operating at temperatures in excess of 200ºC. ALCO-250 oven chain oil should be used for the chains, steel belts and heated press platens found in continuous particle board and wood laminate machinery.
High Temperature Chain Oil is a unique formulation of special ester base stocks and the latest additive technology. ALCO-400 chain oil has an exceptionally high smoke point and is capable of penetrating and removing carbonaceous deposits and inhibiting the formation of solid buildup. It is effective over a broad temperature range and results in lower power consumption under varying load conditions.
Replacement for Anderol 640, Anderol HTC 220, Anderol HTC PP150, Henkel Emery 2997, Mobil Syn Oven Lube 1090, Unocal 76 Synthetic Oven Chain oil.