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​Compressor oil and synthetic blend compressor oil are made from the highest quality additives and base stocks. Our synthetic and synthetic blend compressor oil are recommended for uses in rotary screw compressors, use in the frame, as a compressor cylinder lubricant, rotary vane compressors, as a mist lubricant, in Reciprocating compressor cylinders.Our synthetic compressor oil range from 8,000 hour oil to 12,000+ hours depending on the product. The synthetic blend compressor oil range from 2,000 hours to 8,000 hours depending on the product. The base stocks of our synthetic compressor oil include Diester, PAO, Polyglycol/ester blends, Hydrocracked, Synthetic hybrid, Polyol Ester, synthesized hydrocarbon, and Silicone

AL Gold-46 Silicone Compressor Oil
Silicone-based compressor oil designed for use in rotary screw compressors. AL Gold-46 Compressor Oil does not break down under normal operating temperatures and pressures thereby eliminating carbon deposits, sludge and varnish formations. The system stays clean of lubricant by-products resulting in lower maintenance costs. The high viscosity index insures a minimum change in viscosity over the compressor's temperature range. AL Gold-46 Compressor Oil has excellent water separation, corrosion protection and lubricity characteristics. Replacement for Sullair 24KT compressor oil, summit au-46.

ALD  Diester Compressor Oils
Synthetic compressor oil is a unique combinations of quality diester base stocks and the latest additive technology. It is compatible with almost all elastomers used in compressors and pumps, including paint used in crankcases. High temperature thermal stability will not disassociate
ALS (PAO) Compressor Oils
Our synthetic compressor oils are manufactured from the highest quality PAO (polyalphaolefin) base-stocks and advanced additive technology. ALS compressor oil is recommended for rotary screw, centrifugal, and reciprocating compressors and offers many advantages over petroleum based compressor oils as well as some synthetic .especially where compatibility is an important concern. This compressor oil has a low pour point, high viscosity index and excellent water demulsibility.
ALD-1220  Diester Compressor Oil
ALD 1220 compressor oil is formulated from the best diester base stocks available and employs state-of-the-art additive technology to provide an outstanding lubricant.

ALD-1220 compressor oil is an excellent oil for the following applications:

  • Reciprocating compressor cylinders.
  • Low and High temperature lubrication.
  • General lubrication.
AL32PG (PAG) Compressor Oil
Compressor oil has been formulated to address the specific problems associated with conventional rotary screw compressor coolants - thermal degradation and deposit formation. The polyglycol/ester blend has proven itself superior in the areas of oxidation resistance and deposit formation.
ALPG Coolant (PAG) Compressor Oil
Compressor oil has been formulated to address the specific problems associated with conventional rotary screw compressor coolants - thermal degradation and deposit formation. The polyglycol/ester blend has proven itself superior in the areas of oxidation resistance and deposit formation.
Ultimate (POE) Compressor Oil
Compressor oil is a extended-life compressor oil formulated specifically to outperform other synthetic rotary compressor oil on the market. Ultimate (POE) compressor oil employs a unique base stock that allows improvements in oxidation resistance and sludge and deposit formation over conventional synthetic base stocks.
ALP Series Compressor oil 
Premium synthetic blend compressor oils are a blend of synthetic and petroleum base oils specially designed for compressor applications and are useful in multi-purpose applications

Compressor Oil

ALT Series Compressor oil
Compressor oils are formulated from highly refined hydrocracked base stocks and the unique additive Syntholate.
ALFG Series (PAO) Food Grade Compressor Oil
Compressor Oils are specially designed for rotary screw, vane and reciprocating compressors being used in the food service industry.

Replacement for Amoco Amokon 32, Amoco Amokon 68, Amoco Syntholube SL 32, Syntholube SL 68, Syntholube SL 100, Syntholube SL 150, Amoco FG 32, Amoco FG 68, Amoco FG 100, Ams oil Rotary Comp Oil, Ams oil Recip Comp Oil, Anderol 465 Anderol 495, Anderol 496, Anderol 497, Anderol 500, Anderol 530, Anderol 555, Anderol 750, Anderol 755, Anderol 2100 HTCL, Anderol 3032, Anderol 3046, Anderol 3057, Anderol 3068, Anderol 3100, Anderol 3150, Anderol FGC 10, Anderol FGC 20, Anderol FGC 30, Anderol FGC 40 compressor oil, Anderol PG Supreme 32, Anderol PG Supreme 46, Anderol PG Supreme 68, Anderol S 32, Anderol S 46, Anderol S 68, Anderol S 100, Anderol 1200, Anderol 555, Anderol PQ-150, Atlas Copco GA-4K, Atlas Copco GA-8K, Atlas Copco GA-FG, Atlas Copco HD Roto Fluid, Atlas Copco Roto Inject Fluid, CPI Engineering CP-1009-68, CPI CP-4100-32, CPI CP 4100-68, CPI CP 4100-100, CPI CP 4100-150, CPI CP 4200-46, CPI CP 4200-68, CPI CP 4600-32 -F, CPI CP 4601-32, CPI CP 4601-46, CPI CP 4601-68, CPI CP 4601-100, CPI CP 4601-150, CPI CP 4604-46, CPI Turbo 4-46, Castrol Aircool PD32, Castrol Aircool PD68, Castrol Aircool PD 100, Castrol Aircool PD 150, Castrol Tribol 8900 Light, Castrol Tribol 8900 Medium, Castrol Tribol 8900 Heavy, Conoco Syncon 32, Conoco Syncon 46, Conoco Syncon 68, Conoco Syncon 100, Compair CS 100, CS 200, Compair CS 300, Compair CS 400, Compair Hydrovane 2000, Compair CN 300, Compair CSX 20, Compair CSS 20, Compair CSS 30, Compair Fluid Force Gold HPO, Exxon Synesstic 32, Exxon Synesstic 46, Exxon Synesstic 100, Exxon Synesstic 150, Exxon Teresstic 32, Exxon Teresstic 46, Exxon Teresstic 68, Exxon Teresstic 100, Exxon Teresstic 150, Frick #14, Gardner Denver Aeon 9000 SP, Gardner Denver Aeon 2000,  Gardner Denver 9000 TH, Gardner Denver Aeon Bio, Gardner Denver Aeon 8000 compressor oil, Gardner Denver Aeon 500, Gardner Denver Aeon 5000, Gardner Denver Aeon 6000 FG, Gardner Denver Aeon 4000, Gardner Denver Aeon 2000, Gardner Denver Aeon PD Gear Oil, Gardner Denver Aeon PD Food Grade, Gardner Denver Aeon NG HG10, Gardner Denver Aeon NG HG15, Gardner Denver Aeon NG H10, Gardner Denver Aeon NG HS10, Henkel Emery 2879, Henkel Emery 2880, Henkel Emery 2890, Henkel Emery 2948, Henkel Emery 2944, Henkel Emery 2947, Henkel Emery 2950, Henkel Emery 2990, Ingersoll Rand Orig SSR Coolant, Ingersoll Rand Performance 500, Ingersoll Rand Protec, Ingersoll Rand SL 200, Ingersoll Rand SSR Ultra Coolant, Ingersoll Rand XHP 1001, Ingersoll Rand XHP505, Ingersoll Rand XL 300, Ingersoll Rand XL 700, Ingersoll Rand XL 740 HT compressor oil, IR XL T30, IR SL 200, IR SSR H-1F Coolant, IR Techtrol Gold, IR Techtrol Silver, IR T-30 Select, Leroi SSL-46, Leroi SSL-32, Leroi SSL-35F, Leroi SSL-38, Leroi SSL 50, Leroi SSL 68+, Mobil Rarus 425, Mobil Rarus 427, Mobil Rarus 824, Mobil Rarus 826, Mobil Rarus 827, Mobil Rarus 829, Mobil Rarus SHC 1024, Mobil Rarus SHC 1025, Mobil Rarus SHC 1026 compressor oil, Mobil HPO Gold, Mobil DTE 24,25,26, Mobil DTE Light, Mobil DTE Medium, Mobil DTE Heavy Medium, Mobil DTE Heavy, Mobil DTE Extra Heavy, Molub-Alloy GP 10, Molub Alloy GP 20, Molub Alloy GP 30, Molub Alloy Tribol 890 Light, Molub Alloy Tribol 890 Medium, Molub Alloy Tribol 890 Heavy, Palatek Palasyn 45, Palatek AFX 32, Palatek UC Ultraclean, Palatek Pallube 32, Phillips Syndustrial P 32, Phillips Syndustrial P 46, Phillips Syndustrial G 5w20, Phillips Syndustrial ST 32, Quincy Quin Syn, Quincy Quinsyn Plus, Quincy Quin Syn PG 800, Quincy Quin Syn XP compressor oil, Quincy Quin CIP, Quincy Quin Syn F, Quincy Quin Syn IV, Quincy Quin Syn HP, Quincy Quin Syn Flushing Oil,  Quincy Quinsyn Endura, Royco 432, Royco 446, Royco 468, Royco 486, Royco 489, Royco 432 FG, Royco 446 FG, Royco 468 FG, Royco 486 FG, Royco 4032, Royco 4068, Royco 4100, Royco 4150, Royal Purple Synfilm GT 32, Royal Purple Synfilm 32, Royal Purple Synfilm 46, Royal Purple Synfilm 68, Royal Purple Synfilm 100, Royal Purple Parafilm 32, Royal Purple Parafilm 46, Royal Purple Parafilm 68, Royal Purple Parafilm 100, Sentinel SCO 10, Sentinel SCO 10/40, Sentinel SCO 20, Sentinel SCO 30, Sentinel SCO 40, Shell oil Corena 32, Shell oil Comptella 46, Shell Oil Corena 68, Shell Oil Comptella 100, Shell Oil Corena 150, Shell Oil Madrela AS 32 Shell Oil Madrela AS 68, Shell Oil Madrela P 100, Shell Oil Madrela P 150, Sullair AWF, Sullair 24KT, Sullair Sullube 32 compressor oil, Sullair Sullube 60, Sullair SRF 1/4000, Sullair LLL 4 15, Sullair LLL 4 32, Sullair LLL 4 46, Sullair LLL 4 100, Summit AU 46, Summit DSL 32, Summit DSL 46, Summit DSL 68, Summit DSL 100, Summit DSL 125, Summit DSL 150, Summit DSL 100S, Summit DSL 100XM, Summit DSL 1220, Summit FG 100, Summit FG 200, Summit FG 250, Summit FG 300, Summit FG 500, Summit PS 100, Summit PS 150, Summit PS 200, Summit PS 300, Summit PS 400, Summit SH 32, Summit SH 46, Summit SH 68, Summit SH 100, Summit SH 150, Summit Sierra 32, Summit Sierra 46, Summit Sierra 68, Summit Supra 32, Summit Supra Coolant, Summit Supra 26n compressor oil, Summit TM 10, Summit TM 15, Summit TM 20, Summit TM 30, Summit TM 40, Summit Ultima 32, Summit Ultima 46, Summit Ultima 68, Ultrachem 32s, Ultrachem 46s, Ultrachem 68s, Ultrachem 100s, Ultrachem Chemlube CF, Ultrachem Chemlube 215, Ultrachem Chemlube 221, Ultrachem Chemlube 228, Chemlube 229, Chemlube 230, Chemlube 268, Chemlube 946, Chemlube 800, Chemlube 751, Chemlube 501, Ultrachem Coolant, Ultrachem Coolant PE, Coolant 32, Coolant 32PE.