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How Our Compressor Filters Can Cut your Costs 
The air/oil separator ( compressor filter ) is the last oil barrier before air enters a plant's distribution system. If it fails to do its job, a large amount of oil is allowed to escape the air compressor, adding to lubricant costs. In addition, the oil can have adverse effects on down stream compressed air users. If air-oil separators are not changed on a regular basis they become clogged. As a result, the compressor must pump to a higher internal pressure causing electrical costs to increase. In many operations the cost for the electricity to run a compressor for 1 year exceeds the purchase price of the compressor. Every 2 PSIG pressure drop at the separator filter will increase electrical cost 1% . Stretching air /oil separator service intervals is false economy, costing more in oil and electricity.

Air/Oil Separator Characteristics

Air Oil SeparatorsIntended to be installed in the air receiver tank of rotary screw, vane style, and refrigeration compressors.
Simmons Synthetics can give you a complete line of high quality, efficient separators designed for the removal of petroleum or synthetic base oils in air systems and operate effectively at full pressure withstanding 50 psi differential collapse pressure. A wide variety of filter element designs are offered including conventional or high efficiency pleated models (for requirements of below 3pm oil carryover), in vertical and horizontal mounting. Airflow capacities are available which exposed 3000 cfm.

​Oil Filter Characteristics

Simmons Synthetics now offers a complete line of oil filters cross referenced to compressor applications. Manufactured with both resin impregnated cellulose and high performance micro glass for superior dirt holding capacity. Simmons Synthetics oil filters meet or exceed all major OEM requirements. Oil separator or air intake element life cannot be predicted precisely, as it will vary greatly depending on the conditions of operation. Careful inspection or pressure differential gauging plus operating experience will determine the change interval. For separators, ASC recommends the replacement at 5 to 15 psi differential pressure. All separators are furnished with gaskets which are bonded to the flange and ready for installation.

Air Filter Characteristics

Simmons Synthetics offers a full line of air-intake filters designed to eliminate containments in the air taken in by a compressor. Utilizing both cellulose resin impregnated and synthetic polyester medias, Simmons Synthetics brand air filters reach a minimum efficiency of 99.0% and a low 0.5 inch of water resistance at the rated flow. These air filters are specially designed to provide optimal flow rate and dirt holding capacity while maintaining the specified air quality demands of compressed air. Constructed using paper or polyester, in both molded plastisol or metal ends, Simmons Synthetics offers a complete cross reference to all major compressor manufacturers. Additionally, Simmons Synthetics has the ability to design applications particular to your requirements.

​Coalescing Filters Characteristics

Simmons Synthetics Ultrafit cartridges have been designed to retrofit the most popular compressed air, coalescing dryer prefilter and afterfilter, instrumentation and mist eliminator filter housings. The cartridge dimensions and end cap configurations allows the user to install Ultrafit cartridges directly into existing filters without any kits or modifications to the filter!

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