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Industrial / Synthetic Gear Oil ~ Simmons Synthetics synthetic gear oils are made from the highest quality additives and base stocks. These base fluids, along with carefully selected additives, offer performance much superior to that of gear oils blended from conventional petroleum oils.  Our synthetic gear oils are recommended for uses in on road and off road equipment, high and low temperature conditions in enclosed gears, bearings, compressors, rolling element bearings. Our synthetic gear oils rate for about 8,000 hours. The base stocks of our synthetic gear oils include synthesized hydrocarbon, polyglycol,  and PAO.

Industrial gear reducer systems that encounter severe operating conditions, such as high temperatures, high loading and wide temperature variations “Seal-for-life” systems also recommended for use in applications where the corrosion of yellew metals is a concern, as these lubricants do not contain additives which tend to attack metals such as brass, bronze or copper.

ALS 6000 Gear Oil is a PAO base fluid and has Ten ISO grades to choice from 32,46,68,100,150,220,320,460,680,1000

ALPG Gear Oil is a Polyglycol –based product and have four ISO grades to choice from 220,320,460,680.

ALPG-FG Gear Oil is a food grade kosher approval PAO based product and have five to choice from 150,220,320,460,680.

ALEP 1000 Series Gear Oil is a PAO based fluid with a extreme pressure properties and have nine to choice from 32,68,100,150,220,320,460,680,1000.

75W/90 and 80W/140 Gear Oil is a PAO based fluid designed for automotive and heavy duty equipment.

We also supply compatible replacements for:
Shell oil, Mobil/Exxon, Chevron, Texaco, Citgo, Royal Purple, Royal Lubricants, Amoco, Amsoil, Anderol, British Petroleum, Castrol, Molub-Alloy, Century Lubricants, Conoco, CPI Engineering, Lubrizol, Dubois Chemical, Frick, Henkel, Hydrotex, Jax Industrial Lubricants, Keystone, Lubrication Engineers, Lubriplate, Petrocanada, Phillips Petroleum, Sun Oil, Syn-Flo, Ultrachem, 76 Lubricants, Summit Syngear SH 7000 series, Summit Syngear SH 1000 series, Summit Syngear Heavy Duty Series, Summit Syngear FG Series, Summit Syngear PG Series, Summit Syngear Food Grade PG Series, Summit Syngear WT Series, Summit Syntenal CD-50 EQ, Mobil SHC 626, Mobil SHC 636, Mobil SHC 630, Mobil SHC 627, Mobil SHC 629.