Refrigeration Oil

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Simmons Synthetics and synthetic blend Refrigeration compressor oils are made from the highest quality base stocks on the market. Simmons Synthetics refrigeration oils are formulated using synthetic hydrocarbon, alkylate, synthesized hydrocarbon- alkylate, and hydrotreated base stocks.These products are recommended for use in rotary screw, reciprocating, centrifugal refrigeration compressors that use ammonia, are used for the compression of propane, compressors using R-134A and HFCs as the refrigerant. They range from full synthetic oils being rated for 8,000 hours to synthetic blend oils being rated for 4,000 hours.
ALGI Series
ALGI Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Oils were designed for use in the compression of propane in refrigeration or unloading service. Available in three grades for rotary screw and reciprocating compressors, ALGI compressor oil is especiallysuitable for wet gas situations. Due to the varying make-up of gases and operating temperatures, please contact your Simmons Synthetics representative for specific product recommendations.
ALR-FG Series
ALR FG (Food Grade) Series synthetic hydrocarbon refrigeration compressor oils are designed to function under severe service conditions. These fluids have a very high viscosity index, contain no paraffin and are compatible with various fluorinated refrigerants, ammonia, methyl chloride and carbon dioxide. The ALR FG Series compressor oils is completely miscible with petroleum-based fluids.
SRAB Series
SRAB Series refrigeration compressor oils are alkylate based and formulated for use in reciprocating, rotary, and centrifugal refrigeration compressors using ammonia, R12, R22, R114 and R502. These products are extremely stable at high compression temperatures while providing excellent low temperature properties at evaporator temperatures below -50°F.
RSHA Series
RSHA Series Compressor Oil is a synthesized hydrocarbon-alkylate 100% full-synthetic formulation for reciprocating, rotary, and centrifugal refrigeration compressor applications using any of several refrigerants including ammonia (R717), R12, R13, R22, R113, R114, R123, R401A, R401B, R402B, R409A, R500, R502 and R503
ALR-134A Series refrigeration oils is fully synthetic oil designed for use in refrigeration compressors using ALR-134A and other HFCs as the refrigerant. They have excellent chemical and thermal stability as well as superior lubricity characteristics with steel and aluminum. They are miscible with all
HFCs, HCFCs, CFCs and blends. They were specifically developed for HFC refrigerants.
RHA Series
RHA Series refrigeration compressor oils are highly refined, hydrotreated compressor oils specially designed to function under the stringent requirements of refrigeration systems. Besides providing value-added benefits in the areas of improved system efficiency and higher productivity
Replacement for CPI CP 4600-46, CPI CP 4600-68, CPI CP 4600-100, CPI CP 4600-150, CITGO Refrig Com Lub AB 32, CITGO Refrig Com Lub AB 68, CITGO Refrig C Lub PAO 68, Exxon Zerice N 68, Exxon Zerice S 68, Exxon Zerice S 100, Exxon Zero Pol S 68, Exxon Zero Pol S 220, Frick #2A, Frick #3, Frick #4, Frick #5, Frick # 6, Frick # 7, Frick # 9, Frick #10, Frick # 11, Frick # 12, Frick # 13, Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 300, Mobil Gargoyle Arctic SHC 426, Mobil Gargoyle Arctic SHC 427, Mobil Gargoyle SHC 224, Mobil Gargoyle SHC 226, Gargoyle SHC 228, Mobil Gargoyle SHC 230, Mobil Gargoyle SHC 234, Mobil EAL Arctic 32, Mobil EAL Arctic 46, Mobil EAL Arctic 68, Mobil EAL Arctic 100, Royal Lubricants Royco 2032, Royco 2068, Royco 2100, Shell Oil Clavus AB 32, Shell Oil Clavus AB 68, Shell Oil Clavus P 68, Sun Oil Challenge RF 32, Sun Oil Challenge RF 68, Sun Oil Suniso 3GS, Sun Oil Suniso 4GS, Sun Oil Suniso 5GS, Sun Oil Sun Refrig Oil 300, Sun Oil Sun Refrig Oil 400, Texaco Capella HFC 68, Texaco Capella HFC Auto, Texaco Capella PPG 68, Texaco Capella PPG 100, Texaco Capella PPG 150, Texaco Cetus NH 32, Union Carbide Ucon LB 140XY 26, Union Carbide Ucon LB 170XY 26, Union Carbide Ucon LB 300XY 26, Vilter 717, Vilter HCL 68, Vilter F-68, Vilter FL 100, Vilter FL 150, Vilter B 68, Vilter B 120, Vilter HC 68, Vilter HC 100, Vilter Vilter D, Summit PGI 68, Summit PGI 100, Summit PGI 150, Summit R 100, Summit R 150, Summit R 200, Summit R 300, Summit RAB 32, Summit RAB 68, Summit RHB 32, Summit RHB 46, Summit RHB 68, Summit RHB 100, Summit RHT 32, Summit RHT 46, Summit RHT 68, Summit RHT 100, Summit RPA 32, Summit RPA 46, Summit RPA 68, Summit RPA 100, Summit RPB 32, Summit RPB 46, Summit RPB 68, Summit RPB 100, Summit RPE 32, Summit RPE 46, Summit RPE 68, Summit RPE 100.