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Are you considering switching over to a more cost effective oil? Synthetic oils are lubricants that consist of chemical compounds that are artificially synthesized. Simmons Synthetics has broad experience offering the best synthetic gear oil and synthetic compressor oil market as an oil wholesale distributor along with a very thorough understanding of the products and services of the industry. We also have the capacity to provide the very best service with the highest quality synthetic compressor oils and synthetic lubricants. By replacing your O.E.M. (original equipment manufacturer) Oils, and filters, you can potentially save up to 40% of your current cost on Synthetic gear oils, Compressor Oil, and any other Industrial Oils like Metalworking Coolants, Way oil, Spindle oil, Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Coolants, Hydraulic oil,Turbine Oil, Natural gas compressor oil, Gas Engine Oils, Diesel Engine Oils. These synthetic oil and petroleum oil products are of the highest quality available, and will be designed to broaden the life and efficiency of your equipment, in an assortment of industrial and manufacturing applications. 

At Simmons Synthetics we supply top notch industrial supplies and maintenance products. Our replacement products such as filter elements will meet or exceed the original O.E.M. quality and specifications performance. Our compressor oils and synthetic lubricants are compatible with the original O.E.M. oils, also meet and exceed the O.E.M. oil specifications and performances.

For the past twenty years the use of synthetic compressor oil in an air compressor application has been quite common. There are many benefits to using synthetic oils from the cost saving benefits of extended life to lower oil consumption. Along with energy saving, reduced maintenance and less oil for disposal, the increased life of parts has been thoroughly documented to the point that their legitimacy cannot possibly be denied.

However, the benefits you will find from the industrial oil products we supply are well worth it and you will see that the long term savings will be great. Contact us for the best gear oil today.

Simmons Synthetic is now offering Diesel Force Diesel Emission Cleaner and Diesel Force Diesel Force Diesel Fuel Treatment, EGR Cleaner, Diesel Force Oil System Cleaner, Diesel Force Injector Cleaner, Diesel Force Ultimate 11 for Winter treatment, Diesel Force Ultimate 10 Diesel Fuel Treatment. With Diesel Force Emission control system we offer a free demo to fleets large then twenty trucks. Also Simmons Synthetics is Now offering Dustless Dust Control and Dirt Glue Dust control products.

Simmons Synthetics has replacement Compressor oils and Compressor filters for all O.E.M. and oil companies such as Anderol, Atlas Copco, Busch Vacuum Pumps, Chevron, CPI Engineering, (Lubrizol), Compair, Conoco, Exxon, Gardner Denver Compressor Oil, Joy, Sutorbilt, Ingersoll Rand Compressor Oil, Kaeser Compressor Oil, Leroi Compressor Oil, Lubriplate, Mobil Oil, Palatek Compressor Oil, Pennzoil, Quincy Compressor Oil, Royal Lubricants, Royal Purple, Shell Oil, Summit, Sullair Compressor Oil, Texaco Oil, Total, Travaini Vacuum Pumps, Ultrachem, Unocal 76 oil, Sun Oil, Castrol, Citgo Oil, Frick Compressor Oil, Molub-Alloy, Petrocanada Oil, Jax Oil, Henkel, British Petroleum (BP), Amsoil, Phillips Petroleum.
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